About Us

CoolAction.com owned by a group of investors that are concerned about our environment.

CoolAction.com was founded in September, 1999 and officially went on-line in March, 2000.

The greenhouse gas emission reductions sold on our website are all automatically retired; thereby ensuring 100% environmental benefit from CoolAction purchases.

The emission reductions sold on this website are quantified and created using practices consistent with those of past greenhouse gas emission trading industry forums, such as the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (www.nescaum.orgGreenhouse Gas Demonstration Trading Program and the past Canadian forums of PERT and GERT, and ISO 14064-3 standards.

CoolAction.com draws on the greenhouse gas emission trading expertise of North American Carbon (www.northamericancarbon.com) when screening greenhouse gas emission reductions for use on its website.

We help you learn

Learn about the effect and consequences of global warming.

Understand the need to take immediate action in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Become carbon neutral and   learn from tips and examples compiled by us.

Let us combat climate change together!

Join us and other corporations globally in becoming carbon neutral.

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