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Become Carbon Neutral. allows you to take immediate action to help reduce global of greenhouse gases emissions (GHG’s).

What we do?


Become carbon neutral by offsetting the GHG emissions associated with your activities or products with GHG Emission Reductions from emission reduction projects.

analytics2 makes it easy for you to calculate your GHG emissions andpurchase offsetting GHG Emission Reductions.

Your purchase of GHG Emission Reductions helps finance and implement emission reduction projects

All purchases of GHG Emission Reductions through receive a certificate of registration identifying the project source of the emission reductions. Unless otherwise requested each certificate is posted on the Certificate Registry.

To validate its GHG Emission Reductions,’s Project Registry documents each source project and the emission reduction creation methodology used to quantify and verify its emission reductions.

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To date the effort to combat climate change has been limited early efforts by some governments to regulate change through placing emission caps on large industrial emitters, programs to increase use of renewable energy technologies and though improvements in energy-use efficiency standards.

Carbon Neutral is a term used to describe the neutralizing of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with a given activity or good by offsetting the emissions through the purchase and retirement of an equivalent amount of GHG emission reductions.

Let us combat climate change together!

Join us and other corporations globally in becoming carbon neutral.

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